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Professional Leaders of Nanning University went to Singapore for study and exchange

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To learn advanced education concepts and experience, help the school carry out the connotation of the construction of the discussion, November 12-18, 33 professional leaders and teachers at Nanning University composed of a training group, led by Vice President Chen Xiongzhang, Director of Academic Affairs Hu Xiaomin, went to the Singapore Nanyang Technological University, Nanyang Polytechnic, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Republic Polytechnic, etc. for a week-long learning and exchange.

The training and learning content is rich, including modules such as "Informatization Construction and Smart Campus Operation of Universities", "Cultivation of Students' Comprehensive Quality and Strengthening of Vocational Qualification Ability", and "Creating a Comprehensive Transformation Platform for Vocational Skills and Achievements". In addition, the team also inspected the campus environment, relevant laboratories, and libraries of the above universities, in order to gain a deeper understanding of the development of higher education in Singapore.

Through this study and exchange, the team has gained in-depth knowledge and understanding of the construction and development of higher education in Singapore, the integration of industry and education, the reform of teaching method, PBL teaching method, process assessment, and "teaching factory", etc. At the same time, the beautiful campuses of Singaporean universities and colleges, the modern architecture, the human-centered facilities, and the design of teaching venues have also given the team a deeper understanding of the development of Singaporean universities and colleges and also provided the delegation with an opportunity to study the development of Singaporean higher education. The training group was deeply impressed by the beautiful campuses, modern architecture, human-centered and learning-centered facilities, and teaching place design of Singaporean universities and colleges. They generally felt that they had gained a lot and formed new understandings and thoughts on how to do a good job in the training of application-oriented talents at Nanning University, which reached the pre-set purpose of the study group.

It has been ten years since our university's undergraduate school took an application-oriented transformation and development. This study tour is a good chance for the teachers to gain a great deal of experience and inspiration, and it has a very good reference and guidance for the integration of industry teaching in our university, the reform of teaching, the examination of courses, the construction of the practical teaching system, the design of the teaching place, and so on.