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Nanning University organizes a summer English proficiency workshop for students participating in the 2023 exchange study program at Universiti Putra Malaysia

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To help students that attended 2023 Universiti Putra Malaysia Exchange Program adapt and integrate into the local learning and living environment in Malaysia, the university has organized an intensive English language class for the students during the summer vacation. The intensive class lasted for one month, and the school invited Canadian foreign professors to help students improve their English skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing in a short period.

On the morning of August 10th, before the class started, a short opening ceremony was held by the Development Planning and Cooperation and Exchange Office of the university. At the ceremony, the head of the Cooperation and Exchange Section of the Development Planning and Cooperation Exchange Office, Ms. Liang Xinyi, delivered a speech. She emphasized to the students the importance of this intensive class, introduced Matthew, the foreign teacher, and the class members, especially explained the disciplinary requirements of the class, and hoped that the students would cherish this learning opportunity and improve their English proficiency. After that, Matthew introduced himself and showed the students the main content and assessment requirements of the course. He emphasized that he would adopt a fun and educational teaching method to help students improve their English ability as soon as possible and hoped that students would improve their communication ability and teamwork spirit through the course.

In order to ensure the teaching quality of the Intensive Course and to achieve the expected teaching purpose, the Development Planning and Cooperation and Exchange Office regularly invites students to evaluate the teaching of the foreign teachers and find out the learning situation of the students from the foreign teachers, so as to give timely feedback and solve the problems. According to the questionnaire survey, since the beginning of the course, the intensive course has been warmly welcomed and supported by the students, and they have highly evaluated the learning atmosphere of the class, the teaching quality of the tutors, and the help of the course to their own English proficiency. The students said that through interaction and communication with the foreign teachers, they not only improved their English expression and self-confidence but also enhanced their interest in English learning. At the same time, they also deeply felt the school's concern and support for their studies and sincerely appreciated the efforts made by the school leaders and teachers for the successful organization of the intensive course.

The Universiti Putra Malaysia Exchange Program 2023 is the first time Nanning University has fully funded 40 outstanding undergraduate students in their third year of study to go to the Universiti Putra Malaysia for exchange study, aiming to broaden the students' international perspective and enhance their cross-cultural communication skills, and encouraging them to make efforts to study abroad through the school to get the opportunity to study abroad and to improve their comprehensive quality and competitiveness. The first batch of sponsored students will go to Universiti Putra Malaysia at the end of September this year for a 4-month study period, where they will study professional courses and cultural experience courses with students from local and other countries. Starting from this year, Nanning University will more actively expand international exchanges and cooperation, introduce more foreign high-quality educational resources, and select and subsidize a batch of outstanding students to go abroad for exchanges and study every year.