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Nanning University attended the 2023 China-ASEAN Vocational Education Technology and Skills Exhibition with a great success

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From September 15 to 16, 2023, 2023 China-ASEAN Vocational Education Technical Skills Exhibition was held in the Gymnasium of Guangxi Polytechnic of Construction, with more than 90 undergraduate, higher vocational, and intermediate vocational colleges and universities in Guangxi participating in the exhibition. Nanning University organized the School of Intelligent Manufacturing and the School of Transportation to participate in the Technical Skills Exhibition of Technical Skills Supporting Manufacturing Powerful Nation, aiming at ASEAN colleges and universities to show the construction achievements of the university's engineering majors, especially the transportation and intelligent manufacturing majors, and to seek for the opportunity to establish cooperation with more ASEAN colleges and universities to expand the influence of the university's international exchange and cooperation.

School of Intelligent Manufacturing exhibits humanoid robots, mechanical fish, deep-learning intelligent vehicles, and mechanical dogs. The humanoid robot can mimic human body movements. Teachers and students of the faculty used Python programming to develop this robot, which won the third prize in the 25th China Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Competition and the second prize in the Guangxi Region. Mechanical fish is a kind of robot that imitates the shape and swimming mode of fish, using STM32 as the control core and visual recognition unit, it can carry out detection operations in water and won the first prize of the district in the fourth Guangxi college students' artificial intelligence. Deep Learning Intelligent Vehicle is a kind of self-driving vehicle using deep learning technology, which is designed and produced by teachers and students of thefaculty, relying on the perfect fusion of sensors such as camera and gyroscope with deep learning technology to realize unmanned driving simulation real roads. The mechanical dog is a kind of robot that imitates the appearance and behavior of dogs, which can not only complete various performance actions and perform various tasks through programming control but also traverse complex terrain and can be used in scenes such as transporting materials. The exhibits successfully attracted many domestic and foreign guests with their image of action and flexible performance and also demonstrated the talent cultivation achievements of the university's robotics engineering and other intelligent manufacturing majors to the guests at home and abroad.

School of Transportation exhibits works for the subway vehicle testing simulation maintenance system, the system uses MAYA, 3DMAX and other software on the subway vehicle lines, vehicle sections, parking lots, equipment operating environment and other highly restored through a comprehensive simulation and simulation of the operation of simulated subway vehicles for the split equipment, three-dimensional equipment simulation, three-dimensional vehicle simulation, as well as visualization of the circuit. The system has been applied in the teaching of transportation courses of our university, which is a concrete initiative of the university to further implement the new infrastructure of education proposed by the Ministry of Education, and also a typical case of universities applying the most cutting-edge technology and equipment of the industry to the teaching of talent training courses, which demonstrated to the guests the application and development of modern science and technology in the field of transportation, of which the function of driving simulation attracted foreign guests to come to experience it.

During the technical skills exhibition, foreign guests from Thailand and Vietnam were quite interested in the exhibits of our university, inquired in detail about the principles, functions, and operation methods of the exhibits, and also experienced the operation of the exhibits themselves. Teachers and students in charge of the exhibition area of our school made a detailed introduction to the domestic and foreign guests who came to the exhibition around the relevant knowledge of the exhibits, design concepts, research and development process, and innovative skills and technologies, which was recognized and praised by the guests.

Guests from the Department of Education and Training of Quang Ninh Province, Vietnam visited thebooth

Vice Chancellor of BansomdejChaopraya Rajabhat University experienced the subway driving simulation

Guests from Thailand watching the mechanical dog performance

Group photo of staff from Faculty of Intelligent Manufacturing and Faculty of Transportation